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Crumlin Oil Club

Terms & Conditions

1. I give my consent for a Crumlin Oil Club volunteer to negotiate on my behalf for the supply of heating oil at the best available price.

2. I understand that Crumlin Oil Club will not negotiate any other terms (such as payment arrangements) on my behalf.

3. I agree that all payments of invoices must be made by me directly to the selected supplier and that I am responsible for ensuring I am aware of the payment terms specified by the supplier.

4. Should Crumlin Oil Club become aware of non-payment within the oil distributors terms or the Oil Club terms, I accept that my membership of the scheme may be suspended for 6 months. Return to the scheme will be at the discretion of Crumlin Oil Club and/or the oil distributors.

5. I agree that once I have placed an order, it is binding from mid-day on the monthly order closing date and payment must be made within the stipulated time in order to receive the delivery of oil.

6. I agree that non-payment to the oil distributor within the time stipulated will result in the order being cancelled without notice.

7. I understand that it is my responsibility to confirm my address when paying for oil from the oil distributor.

8. I agree that neither Crumlin Oil Club nor anyone acting on behalf of Crumlin Oil Club will be held liable for any claims that may arise between me and any of the selected oil suppliers who supply me.

9. I understand that when I want to order fuel, it is my own responsibility to ensure that my order request is submitted to my  Crumlin Oil Club volunteer before the deadline specified for the next order, and that neither Crumlin Oil Club nor anyone acting on behalf of Crumlin Oil Club will be held liable for any shortage of fuel or any other problem I experience if I fail to meet the specified deadline.

10. I understand that order requests are to be placed via the Order Form ( or via the order telephone number 07885913479. (Phone number only monitored bi-monthly during order periods in Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov.)

11. If the address to which my oil delivery is to be made is outside the specified BT29 4?? postcode area, acceptance of the order will be at the discretion of the committee.

12. I will advise Crumlin Oil Club of any changes to my details in writing.

Personal information on the application form will only be used by Crumlin Oil Club for the purposes associated with the supply and delivery of oil as part of the oil club scheme.

Customers will be advised of any changes to terms and conditions and any public meetings of Crumlin Oil Club.

Please note that if an oil order is placed with W.M.Lorimer and your fill does not meet the minimum delivery of 200 litres Lorimers will place a surcharge of £10.00 to cover any labour costs involved in such a small delivery. This only applies if the order is placed with Lorimers

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