Nurture Cafe

Nurture Café, our version of an honesty café. Individuals can come and get a warm meal, cuppa and pay what they can afford. There are suggested donations to help cover the costs; it is up to an individual and their conscience how much they decide to pay. While here they can engage with our volunteers, form new connections, have somewhere they can go to and get them out of the house without it costing a fortune.
For many cost is a big factor that prevents them from engaging with others in the community.
Our reasoning behind this type of café is due to what we have learnt about the need within the Crumlin community during lockdown. There are many who are isolated, lonely, who don’t like to go out alone, others who simply cannot afford anything other than basic food and household bills.
This is a day to day occurrence for them and was going on long before the lockdown. The community as a whole may not have known about them but thanks to lockdown we became very aware of them. This is our way of looking after them.
The Nurture Café is based at The Crumlin Hub on Mill Road and is open from 7.30 – 2.30 Monday to Saturday.