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A Safe Space for ADHD

As a charity, we have always sought to support individuals.  As the years have progressed we have seen more and more individuals with ADHD, whether officially diagnosed or self-diagnosed or even ADHD curious. During this time it has become more and more obvious to us that, not only is there a severe shorting in service provision, there are more and more individuals seeking support. 

As an organisation, almost 90% of our staff and volunteers are neurodivergent. with ADHD being something that many of us have lived experience of.  As individuals's we know that many adults face challenges without the necessary support.  Challenges that can lead to unemployment, mental health issues and social isolation. 

Developing an ADHD service that meets the identified needs of many, has been crucial to addressing the gaps in adult service provision. and, as a charity that is proactive and has the ability to adapt to meet identified needs. ADHD Services N.I. was born.

We work first and foremost from an ethical model that prioritises do not harm, and it is at the forefront of the work we do.  Therefore when we are working with clients or service users with ADHD, we must do additional training to meet them where they are at, as opposed to adapting a one size fits all. (Core trainings such as teaching, social work, counselling, doctors etc is centred around working with neurotypical clients).

We have developed specialised ADHD services based on the latest, ground-breaking research, providing tailored therapeutic support and management strategies for adults.    These services including counselling, coaching and behaviour management programs, are essential for helping individuals maintain employment, achieve personal goals and manage relationships effectively.  

All our staff are qualified professional therapists and all have additional professional training in working with ADHD.

We also provide training about ADHD to other professionals and businesses.  As an organisation, we are professional individuals with lived experience. We can give you an informed view what it is truly like to have ADHD and engage with the outside world. 


Our training provides a birds eye view of what is going on for individuals, the types of the struggles they face, the adjustments you may need to make, and how to provide an environment in which ADHDer's can thrive as opposed to survive.  By enhancing your knowledge of ADHD, it gives you the knowledge to encourage productivity, open conversations and a greater understanding of your clients, staff and fellow professionals.  More details for this can be found here.

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ADHD & Me is the first workshop that we recommend to all those who enquire about our ADHD service.  Not only does it provide a greater understanding of how your ADHD may affect you, we also look to discover your strengths and provide ideas and solutions to help make life a little easier. 

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ADHD Skills program

ADHD Skills is an 8-week program designed to address specific areas of struggle for individuals with ADHD, We cover a different area each week, such as finances, housework, time management, focus, and attention. The program is tailored to the needs of each participant to help them develop the skills necessary to overcome these challenges.  (NB Individuals must attend ADHD & Me before admittance to this program.)


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 A experiential workshop for partners and parents of adults with ADHD. It is designed to help you better understand what is happening for your loved one and provide you with practical ways in which you can support them. Our experienced facilitators will guide you through the latest research and strategies to help you and your loved one thrive. 

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ADHD & Hormones

For people who identify as female, research has found that those with ADHD are affected more by hormones, moods and emotional  dis-regulation. Puberty, our monthly cycle, pregnancy, and menopause, all play a part in the symptoms and management of ADHD.  This affirming experiential  workshop raises awareness, increasing knowledge around a topic that is not commonly known  or discussed.

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Find free counselling services with a difference. Our team of professional counsellors includes those who have ADHD themselves or have received specialized training from us. We understand the unique challenges that come with ADHD and are here to provide support and guidance in a space that is safe, non-judgemental and confidential.

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ADHD Coaching

Bespoke Specialised ADHD coaching tailored to the  individual where you decide what you want to work on. Our coaches fully understand the challenges faced on a daily basis. We are here to help you overcome the challenges using solution focused models which are goal orientated. 


Please note there is a charge for this service.

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